Looking for a professional with an eagle eye? Look no further. I leave no rock unturned. I am thorough, a stickler for details, and meticulous.

Services Offered

Translation and revision are my areas of expertise. However, I am fully attuned to my clients’ needs. Should you require other services not listed below, don’t hesitate to inquire if that is something I can help you with.

Translation can be tricky for the uninitiated. It is as much a science as it is an art; it requires great finesse to be successful at breaking the language and cultural barriers. Remarkable skills and a quick wit are also necessary to be able to capture the feelings of the author, as well as those of the reader.

As they aim to bridge two languages and two cultures, good translators should have a thirst for learning, hunger for meaning, and an overflowing creativity.

Knowing two languages is therefore not enough to be called a translator; one has to be a gifted writer who can live up to the highest standards. Perfect mastery of the native language, as well as of the language of work, is vital—as is broad general knowledge, and a eagerness to learn about the subjects at hand. Translators should be curious and investigative by nature, have a supple mind, and enjoy fine and subtle work.

I can confidently assure I possess every assets mentionned aboved, and can therefore commit to using my knowledge and experience to:

– offer value-added services;

– build strong parterships;

– deliver translations in quick turn-around time without compromising quality;

– be professionnal, helpful, responsive, and well-organized;

– guarantee high-quality work by proving I know the fine nuances, traits and subtleties of both languages involved;

– demonstrate we have a keen mind and strong sense of meticulousness;

– stay true to your meaning and intention, while engaging directly with your target audience;

– preserve the style, creativity and flow of your text; and

– show total commitment to your needs and wants

So, what are revisors or editors, anyway? They are highly specialized language professionnals whose sole purpose is to improve communication.

They feel the need to bring beauty and clarity out of chaos, and to create unity and coherence everywhere they go (or rather in everything they read). They are expert scrutinizers. They question everything: statements, data, punctuation, flow, word choices, you name it. Say goodbye to typos, grammar mistakes, clunky sentences, and unfortunate phrasing—among other things— and hello to style, idiomatic expressions, clarity and character.

As long as I can remember, friends and family have been coming to me for exactly that when they were stuck on a sentence, didn’t know how to express their mind or had read their text so much they couldn’t think straight. A fresh pair of eyes is always welcome.

With my experience, as well as my natural talent and love for languages, I can assuredly commit to :

– following the linguistic trends by taking into account how languages evolve and mature, and applying it when needed;
– providing an extensive quality check by analyzing style, grammar, punctuation, accuracy, readability, uniformity, etc.;
– when dealing with translated texts, remaining true to the core message of your source text, while keeping in mind the target audience;
– ensuring your document is letter-perfect before you publish it; and
– providing spotless content to enhance your organization’s credibility.

I live and breathe languages. I will do my utmost (or at least what falls within my abilities) to accommodate all your linguistic needs. That is why I also offer the following services:
– adaptation
– proof-reading
– transcription
– linguistic consultations

I haven’t listed the service you’re looking for? Contact us! If I feel it is not exactly my cup of tea, I will be very honest and recommend a trusted colleague. I would never accept a contract if I felt I wasn’t a perfect fit for it.


My specializations include, but are not limited to, the following:

But don’t worry, our expertise is wide-ranging. Contact us to see if we can help you as we constantly try to add strings to our bow.


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